In modern living, kitchen is not just a place for cooking alone in suffocating environment, but beyond it to relax over a cup of coffee / tea or newspaper etc., Raavela redefines the kitchen space to match the modern demands of style, compactness and functionality and above all pleasant atmosphere. The blend of shades, the ergonomics of the installed modules and the artistic arrangement of appliances reflect the class and pleasantness.

The concept of adopting modular units has revolutionised the innovations, the designs and the installation of kitchens and wardrobes.

Raavela design formulae simply explore the space available to create eye catching styles, keeping in mind Indian cooking habits and focusing on the aspects of functional conveniences of the various gadgets and accessories.

Kitchen Layouts depend on the space available in the kitchen and these can be of

  1. Straight Line
  2. L-Shaped.
  3. U-Shaped or
  4. Parallel type

Irrespective of layout shape, kitchen units consist of all or some of the following

  1. Floor Units
  2. Wall Units
  3. Tall Units
  4. Island counter and Loft

Raavela uses the best quality plywood for floor boxes and frame work. For other items, they use particle boards or MDF as situation demands.

The most important component that imparts the glamour to a furniture item is the shutter or door. Raavela offers shutters in –

  1. Edge Band finish (Pre-laminated Boards / Pre-laminated Plywood)
  2. Post-form finish (Post laminated particle boards / Medium Density Fibre Boards)
  3. PVC Membrane finish (Medium Density Fibre Boards)
  4. Poly Urethane Lacquer finish (Solid Wood)
  5. Solid Wood
  6. Glass with Aluminium Profiles.

Wardrobe, Showcase and Dressing Units that add to the essential comforts and beauty of the home can be of stand-alone type in standard sizes or made to a design that fits the space provided for or a combination of two or more of them. They can be categorised as:

  1. Simple standard design.
  2. With drawers external, internal or both.
  3. In combination with a dressing unit.
  4. With rolling shutters and With sliding shutters.